I believe every family is unique, therefore every session should be unique. This being the case, I take the utmost care when designing your session. Communication is important to make it extremely special just for you and your life in this season. 

What is your approach to Maternity/ Newborn/ Family photography?

All of my clients have access to my curated client wardrobe where you will find a beautiful selection of designer dresses in soft layered neutrals for mama and some items for baby & children. Dresses in sizes XS-XL. 

The idea of buying a whole wardrobe for just a photo session sounds daunting and expensive!

No. The booking fee reserves your session time and an ordering appointment. After your session, you'll come to the studio for an ordering appointment or receive a proofing video of images. H&F clients expect to invest $1800+ at their ordering appointment where they can purchase custom artwork and digital files.

Are digital images included with your booking fee?

I offer Mini Sessions once a year in the fall and email subscribers get first dibs on all sessions before they go live on Social Platforms. To sign up for the email newsletter, please click here

Our Motherhood Event is held in the spring and is so so special! It is a specialized event that gathers moms and their little ones for one day at a studio space in the Bay Area (studio locations differ, depending on availability), with floral installments, special gifts for mom, and are available first to email subscribers! Gift cards for this event are also available. Please email Nicole with any questions.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I recommend at least two to three months in advance. I only take on a few sessions each month to allow for true connection between each client and so I can give them my fullest attention during the entire hands on process.

For maternity sessions, between 17-20 weeks or earlier!  

How far in advance should I reach out for my photoshoot?

Being photographed is intimidating to nearly everyone. I believe that it is my job to create an environment where you feel safe and are able to relax and simply enjoy each other and the people around you.

We'll begin slowly as I show you my secrets to carrying yourself in an elegant way. And as you begin to feel confident and comfortable, I'll introduce more movement and cinematic directions, and together we'll create the evocative, emotive, and editorial images that you see in my portfolio. I've spent years honing my directing skills, and helping you feel comfortable and look incredible is one of my favorite parts of this experience.

We aren't very natural in front of the camera. Will you help us?

Frequently Asked Portrait questions:

I’ve learned that every celebration is different and comes with its own set of unique needs. Because of this, I quote every wedding, elopement, and engagement session on an individual basis. That said, our full service wedding collections begin at an investment of 6k, elopements are custom. Contact Nicole and she can send you a more specific outline of your investment once she know more about your needs.

What is your pricing?

Once you’ve selected your date and we’ve determined your collection, we will prepare and send a photography contract for your review. We ask that you return your signed contract within about a week to ensure your date remains available. Once we receive your contract and the 50 percent photography retainer, your wedding date is officially booked! The final balance is due four weeks prior to your wedding date.

How do I confirm my wedding date?

I do not offer videography services, however I can recommend the list of top vendors I've enjoyed working with over the years once we've signed a contract. 

Do you offer videography? 

I have a very hands-on approach to setting up a wedding day timeline—the goal is to ensure that you have the best natural light for every part of your celebration. I also prefer to help build the timeline together with your planner and designer to give you plenty of time to capture all of your desired portraits and photographs throughout the day with buffers to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. We balance art directing, styled detail shots and portraits, and capturing the moments that happen organically through photojournalistic coverage. The end result yields a beautiful balance of people, details and emotion.

What is your approach in capturing the wedding story?

As a hybrid photographer, I shoot with a mixture of film and digital. Film is beautiful, timeless, and captures the stunning light, details, and elegance of your love story. But there are moments where digital shines and film falls short. On your wedding day, I will choose my medium based on what will most beautifully bring your day to life. Any digital images shot are edited to seamlessly flow with my film images.

What equipment do you use? 

Having an emergency come up immediately before a wedding is a circumstance we have yet to encounter (knock on wood)—and an unpleasant thought for everyone involved. Leading up to a wedding, we plan our lives carefully to ensure our health is in top form and that we have ample travel time. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent us from attending your wedding, we will do our best to arrange a replacement photographer of equivalent caliber and style—we have a strong network to aid in such an unlikely circumstance. Alternatively, we would return your full investment and allow you to make your own arrangements if you so choose. 

What happens if Nicole gets sick or has some sort of emergency right before the wedding?

Frequently Asked engagement / wedding / elopement questions:

Who should be included in our family photos?

We will first photograph you with your immediate family members (parents and siblings) and grandparents (if applicable) during the allotted formal family time. If you have groupings outside of immediate family, we suggest you provide these details at least two weeks prior to your wedding so we can schedule our time accordingly. Additionally, please inform us of any special groupings due to family circumstances (i.e divorce, stepparents, etc) so that we can appropriately welcome and recognize all of the meaningful relationships in your life.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life—
and you’re sure to have a few questions as you plan.

Can I customize a collection?

Absolutely. I will happily tailor your collection to best suit your needs for your unique celebration.Please email me your wish list. I will follow up with a bespoke collection for your review.

Is travel/accommodation included in your pricing?

Travel is not included in the pricing for our collections. As each wedding is unique, we love to learn about your destination and celebration before we discuss travel plans. We then customize a quote based on the location and number of shooting days. The travel quote is added to your selected collection, and we handle all of our own travel arrangements unless otherwise specified.

Will you travel for Engagement Sessions?

I love to travel and do so for almost every single one of my weddings & engagement sessions. Your engagement session does not have to be in the same location as your wedding. Simply mention your vision when you inquire and I am happy to accommodate.

Do you have a Second Photographer?

Yes, I have a team that includes a minimum of two photographers at every event. And depending on the scope of the event, there may be additional photographers & assistants that are a part of my team.

When the golden light perfectly illuminates the edge of a face. 
When the breeze lifts a veil and the light catches it. 

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have all of the ingredients come together and I’m there, ready and waiting to capture that moment—that’s where the magic can happen.

But it also doesn’t just happen. Thoughtful preparation, planning, timelines, location scouting, and styling all come together to create it. But, we still need a bit more from you to really make magic happen— the vulnerability to show your true love, the intention to be in the moment and fully present, and the trust to let us be our most creative selves.